The ever growing war against man

The war between Dwarfs and the rest of the known world started 50 years ago.

it began as the first Vault was discovered by the druids of rumler’s island, and the writings throughout the Vaults entrance promised vast treasure and power to anyone who can pass the trials that await inside the deep chasm’s of the Vault.

It was at this time that the dwarfs who were struggling for survival in the dwindling Id mountains, heard the news of the Vaults promises and with the other two families broke the alliance with man. With this alliance broken and the city of Turil falling within days at the hands of the dwarf Queen Gewar, the alliance of man had no choice but to wage war upon the three families.

With many of the human villages being taken by the Dwarfs, the refugees have been pouring into the larger walled cities. Thus making it harder for people and the military to travel between points without making a full camp.

with these villages being abandoned more and more Kobolds are seeing these ghost towns as a good place to make home. therefore making a more unnerving and dangerous wasteland where there was once thriving communities.

Through all this the Elves of Tyrus have chosen to isolate themselves in the hidden strongholds throughout the vast mainland, sightings of the elves have become more and more scarce. Showing that it is obvious that they have chosen to withdraw from an alliance with either faction.

The ever growing war against man

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