Welcome to the Vaults of Time.

1. Player races
1a. cannot be either a dwarf or gnome.
1b. races can be a homebrew race as long as they have been approved by the DM.

2. Stats
2a. stats will be done with a point buy system but must not exceed 18 on any one stat.
2b. the max of 18 does not include any racial or class bonus you may receive
2c. An additional attribute (LUCK) will be added into this campaign, therefore point buy will be increased to 37 overall points.

the Luck attribute will be used to increase chances of rolling better loot, easier disarms of traps, better items and bargains in shops, and various other advantages throughout the land of Tyrus

4. Book Keeping
one player each session will be in charge of the session notes. (this player will be rewarded with a 1.5x multiplier to their individual XP that session.)

4. Looting
The DM will request a roll upon any request to loot and will pull from a random loot table based upon the players roll. (inspiration points may be used to re-roll for loot)

5. Bestiary
One player each session will be in charge of detailing the creatures found in the Land of Tyrus for the Zoologist in king Gess’ castle. (This player cannot be the same player hat is doing the book keeping, the bonus for doing this is 1.5x gold multiplier for the session.)

6a.Backstories are required to play in The Vaults of time Campaign.
6b.backstories must be Approved by the DM
6c. special abilities and traits not in the Official publications will be considered if they fit into the world of Tyrus.

7. Additional Rules
The DM holds the right to add rules as they come up and change existing rules when/ if necessary.


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