Gewar Horedotr

Queen of the Horedotr family


Gewar is exceptionally beautiful, with silver hair and hazel eyes. She wears plate armor and wields a greatsword. Gewar seeks only fame and glory.


Gewar Horedotr is the queen of the largest family of dawrfs living in the eastern mountain range.

Gewar is a devout Paladin of Morrigan (goddess of Battle). She is the strongest and bravest warrior to ever grace the dwarven race.

She hails from the Eastern mountains where she was nothing more than a common ranger,
hunting animals and surveying the mountains summits. it wasn’t until the young prince decided to make her his bride that she knew the privileges of royalty. but she did not allow it to change her, in fact her first act as queen was to completely militarize the Rangers making them into elite solders.

Since this war began no one has seen Gewar. But refugees have been telling tails of the silver haired dwarf, who moves as quick as lightning but as quietly as a mouse.

Gewar Horedotr

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