Gess Esere

King of the Empire


Gess is pleasant in appearance, with fine grey hair and dark brown eyes. He wears fine raiment and jewelry. Gess is impish and fierce.King.jpg


Gess is the King of the Empire of man.

Born during the fall of Emerakul the destroyer.

With his father brought down by the beast during the final blow, Gess was forced into the throne at a young age. But he has grown wise through the years, now sitting on his throne at the age of 87.

His age and vitality are a feat he attributes to the many crusades into the darksteel mines, overrun with the Myr and the hive minded slivers. For in these mines there is rumored to be a fountain of MOX Lotus oil, a substance known to prolong the effects of aging and keep even the oldest of men competing against a young man.

The common belief is that Gess found the fountain of liquid metal and that his why his hair shines like polished silver in the sun.

Gess Esere

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