Welcome to The Vaults of Time

This Campaign takes place on the continent of Tyrus,
a bountiful land filled with magic and riches… for those willing to traverse the vaults of time.

Said to be left by the gods of old,
These vaults are rumored to traverse both time and planes.

Though many have entered none have succeeded in venturing back out of the vaults with any more than they walked in with.

With the dwarfs of the eastern island pushing forward with their war against the humans of the west. the need for the help of the gods and the power of the vaults have never been needed more.

With thousands dead on the front lines the Alliance of Man, has issued a requisition for the bravest and strongest Vault explorers across all of mans kingdom.

Will you Brave the Vaults of Time to save man. or will you watch as the world collapses around you.

The choice brave adventurer is yours.

The Vaults of Time

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